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Reviews – Music For Voyeurs

“Daft upside down folksy metal ballads gone wrong with disconnected voices. Fabulously concentrated stuff and a hellova fun listen”

‘Shards of electric and sheet metal fly, shimmering in the darkness, delightfully maudlin…..If only more people would take inspiration from the bad times to produce work as interesting and good as this’ Russell’s Music Reviews

‘intelligent electronica in sundrenched serendipidity…. we are now
voyeurs peering into the audio net curtains of someone else’s lovelife’
4/5 stars – Remote Goat

‘fabulous…heartily recommended’ Unpopular Culture

‘a weirdly great album…is this Aphex Twin under a more obscure name?’
Tasty Fanzine

‘a fantastic opiate opera…like walking through a riot in six foot thick invisible bubble wrap… beautiful, class A. I’m an addict now.’ Circle Magazine

‘introspective soundtrack to chill out to alone’ Gutter Magazine

“loneliness and despair brought evocatively to life…a masterclass in ambient atmospherics and moody intoxication, equal parts Boards Of Canada and Leonard Cohen.”
7/10 UK Music Review

“engrossing, heartening…this needs to be heard….truly worthy of recognition (MASS MOVEMENT MAGAZINE)

“intriguing and atmospheric, a subtle and unsettling work of semi-ambient electronica… dark with moments of lightness, even beauty.” 8/10

“The antithesis of Lemon Jelly’s upbeat electronica…delicate and mournful” (SOUNDBLAB)

beautiful and sensitive but never sentimental” (TERRASCOPE)

“off-the-wall and jarring…exposes the naked soul of its composer and perhaps heals some of the wounded melancholy” THE MAG

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